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New Hampshire's advanced manufacturing industry has entered a period of considerable transformation, which means more high-wage, high-skilled careers are available. Advanced Manufacturing Partnerships in Education (AMPed NH) can help you
get the skills YOU need for the job you want.

Your AMPed NH Job Finder will help you find the career path that best suits you. Just answer a few questions, and you're on your way. It really is that easy.

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Thanks to the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grant (TAACCCT) through the US Department of Labor, the Community College System of NH (CCSNH) can enhance the state's advanced manufacturing sector by providing necessary degree, certificate and training programs.

Question 1

If you were on a committee at work that had to plan the company holiday party, what role do you think you'd fill?

You're task-oriented. You're happiest once you've got a checklist and can get to work crossing off items. Bring it; you're a doer!

You are a people person. You'll rally the troops, facilitate party games and solve any disagreements. You manage. You mediate. You celebrate.

Question 2

Your company is relocating to a busy industrial park and your bosses think it's a good team-building exercise for you and your co-workers to set the offices up. Which of the following roles do you see yourself filling to complete the move?

You keep your team motivated and morale high, while networking with your business neighbors.

You like working with data and information. You'll program employee key codes and check that company records transfer correctly to the new server.

It's all about process and planning. You do a mental run-through of the move to identify logistical issues before they arise; you're a problem solver.

You're always seeking a solid project to complete or repair to make. You have the workstations set up and copier unjammed. You're all about the output.

Question 3

Your company just received a new, high-tech, piece of equipment. Before hitting the power button, duties must be divided to get it up and running. What responsibilities are best suited for you?

Your basic skills serve you well. First, you read the manual. You need to fully understand the instructions. Now, where's that screwdriver?

Your technical skills are suited for set up, operating and analyzing. You put the equipment through its paces.

You are the go-to person for troubleshooting. If there's a complex problem, you love coming up with unconventional solutions.

With a strong sense of organization, you're naturally managing the process: allocating resources, coordinating installation and delegating tasks.

You use your dynamite social skills to ensure everyone's speaking the same language, so setup is quick, training is effective and disputes are few.

Question 4

Your team is creating a prototype for an important aerospace customer when something doesn't seem right with a robotic arm you're using to make it. How do you respond?

You're fit, balanced, flexible and coordinated, and you love working with your hands. You welcome the chance to check out its mechanics.

With your keen eyes, ears and senses, you spot the smallest imperfections. You report issues before any damage occurs. Bravo.

You use your knowledge, experience and strong reasoning skills to devise a meticulous plan you know will get the robotic arm working right the first time.

Question 5

Let's let our imaginations wander a bit: You are on the crew at a top-secret facility tasked with creating an innovative street car that can also fly. (Actually, it's a lot closer than you think!) What sort of employee are you?

You're tech savvy, so when the crew needs CAD/CAM software installed, a program tweaked or a system hiccup fixed, you're on the job!

You're all about organization, documentation and communication. You compile research reports and keep the office running.

You are hands on. You can't wait to do some "heavy lifting," physically changing out components and making manual adjustments.

Question 6

Say you work in a high-tech manufacturing plant. It's a fast-paced, complex operation and everyone's role is important. Which scenario best suits your working style?

You love working with others. You build relationships, and your ability to interact with people at all levels, in any situation, makes you shine.

Fact is, you thrive on physical work and staying on task, keeping focused and being productive in any environment.

You like structure. Because you're so disciplined, you are motivated by deadlines you welcome projects that require very close attention to detail.

Eureka, Brendan, we've found 'em!

Behold! Listed below, in order of relevance to you, are some exciting career paths we think you'd be interested in based on the info you provided and your survey answers!

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