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Lakes Region Community College

Lakes Region CC, in Laconia, NH, turns eager, mechanically inclined students into talented, professional-level machinists who are prepared to be competitive in the job market and achieve personal growth.

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An education in Advanced Manufacturing and Electromechanics at Lakes Region Community College gives students the opportunity to gain the specific knowledge and technical training they'll need to be difference-makers in their field. The curriculum was created to meet student needs, as well as the needs of business, industry and community partners.

Advanced Manufacturing & Electromechanics

The efficiency of energy systems, and energy consumption as a whole, are of great importance to many manufacturing companies for a variety of reasons. Significant opportunities for improved energy efficiency lie in individual processes and machines, as well as process chains and factories as a whole. Planning and controlling manufacturing systems requires finding a balance between technical, economic and environmental objectives.

Career paths include:

  • Quality assurance
  • Operations management
  • Process design and development
  • Production using computer-controlled machines
  • Advanced levels of mathematics

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Lakes Region Community College offers the following programs: 

This yearlong program is divided into two semesters with courses covering manufacturing processes, basic machine shop math, blueprint reading, metrology and CNC machines. The ability to apply lessons will be provided through lab work and supervised demonstration of competencies on full-size CNC machines, in addition to eLearning simulation training. 

The Electromechanical Technologies Associate Degree consists of 11 core courses. Three of teh core courses are part of the Advanced Manufacturing Associate Degree and four of the core courses are part of the Electrical Power and Controls Technologies associate degrees. Successful students should have the necessary skills to enter the manufacturing workforce, or excel in current employment, in machine technician positions. Students will have an understanding of electrical and mechanical theory and principles. Students will have acquired skills in troubleshooting electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic control systems. Students will also have acquired skills in computer-numeric controlled machine operations, electrical controls programmable controllers, principles of electrical motors, critical thinking skills, and oral and technical communication skills.

The Advanced Manufacturing Degree consists of 11 major core courses, five of which are the core courses of our Advanced Manufacturing Certificate program. Successful students will have skills necessary to enter the advanced manufacturing workforce or excel in current manufacturing employment, in positions a step higher than entry level. Students will have an understanding of manufacturing operations and processes, and will have acquired skills for decision making using quantitative and qualitative data. Students will have knowledge in materials, processes, quality control, machine operations, machine set-up and tool section, employee empowerment skills, critical thinking skill, oral and technical communication skills, and operation management skills.

Lakes Region Community College Admissions

An admissions counselor can answer many of your questions over the phone, and they can also set up an appointment with you to tour the campus and speak to you in person about your plans and goals, to go over courses and schedules.

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Financial Aid for Lakes Region Community College

Financial aid provides funds for direct and indirect college expenses. Direct expenses are generally those expenses charged directly to your student account, such as tuition, fees, room and board if you live on campus. Indirect expenses are those that you pay for out of pocket such as for books and transportation to and from college.

These funds come in three forms: grants/scholarships which do not have to be repaid; loans which require repayment; and part-time federal work-study jobs for which the student earns an hourly wage. Students who are awarded financial aid may receive any or all of these forms of aid.

Financial aid contact:

Kristen Purrington
379 Belmont Rd.
Laconia, NH 03246
P: (603) 524-3207 or 800-357-2992
F: (603) 524-8084
School code: 007555


WorkReadyNH helps NH job seekers and career builders get the professional and technical skills identified by companies as essential to workplace success. With national and college credentials in hand, successful participants will be immediately identifiable as “work ready.”

Four of the eight WorkReadyNH centers are funded by the Department of Labor’s TAACCCT-NH grant, which is used to better prepare adults for high-wage, high-skill employment in the advanced manufacturing industry.

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“During my training at NCC, the hands-on machining labs were of the most enjoyment to me.  Making parts from scratch and learning how to write CNC programs were very exciting. Having community college training allowed me to get my foot in the door at a company that thrives in advanced manufacturing.  Without the two years of technical training, I would have had a very difficult time trying to understand the concepts that the toolmakers at MTC were trying to show me.”

Brian Berg
2000 CCSNH graduate, Freudenberg NOK Employee

Did you know?

New Hampshire has a long, storied history in the manufacturing industry and the Lakes Region is a prime example, as there are many small machine shops in the area that have been supporting manufacturing for generations.