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Engineering & Programming

An Engineering and Programming education includes the study of topics including computer-aided drafting, composites, materials and processes, machining, plastics, automation, robotics and more. If you like to make things, and if you aspire to make big things used in large industries, this is the course of study for you.


As technology has evolved, so, too, has the manufacturing engineering field. A career in engineering and programming entails working within a variety of manufacturing practices and focusing on the research and development of systems, machines, tools and equipment, and related processes.

With a career in engineering and programming, you’ll contribute to the development, evaluation and improvement of manufacturing methods. Your knowledge-base will include, but certainly not be limited to, expertise in the following areas:

  • Materials and parts
  • Assembly methods
  • Quality control standards
  • Machining processes
  • Tool and production equipment capabilities

Examples of employment in this field of study include:

  • Manufacturing technicians
  • CNC programmers
  • Mechanical designers
  • Production planners
  • Material planners
  • Manufacturing engineering technicians
  • Computer aided drafting


Did you know?

Manchester Community College's lab simulates a professional high-tech production facility, including a system of robots affectionately called "The Blue Man Group."