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Robotics & Automation

Manufacturing's victorious comeback is due in part to new advanced processes using robotics and automation. Now in demand are highly skilled technicians and engineers with diverse competencies including communications, mathematics and physical science. 



The development of such everyday products like sliding glass doors, vending machines and garage door openers simply combined a mechanical system with electrical components. Today robotics includes a fusion of mechanical engineering, controls systems, software and computers to develop photo copiers, robots, and the Segway. 

Robotics & Automation is a progressive, vital sector of the advanced manufacturing industry where highly skilled professionals incorporate the principles of mechanics, electronics and computers to create more efficient and reliable systems, and innovative products. It is essentially a design process that integrates mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering and control engineering.
Industry technicians need an array of skills to keep up with the technological innovations of the manufacturing industry. Professionals in this industry need to use their minds and their hands to provide comprehensive solutions for engineering applications. These integrated skills can be applied to a variety of jobs in the following areas:

  • Research
  • Design
  • Development and testing of automation, intelligent systems, smart devices or industrial systems control